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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Fun with the letter 'S'.

I recently stopped by an In-N-Out burger to pick up some dinner after work. I decided to have a little fun with the letter 'S' by adding it to the end of each sentence I spoke. I sometimes get great pleasure from simple, lame things like this. Here is a transcript (more or less) of my visit:

Drive-thru Diva- Gur gur mer gur geez.
Me- Whats?
Drive-thru Diva- Can I take your order please?
Me- Yes. I would like a hamburger, fries, and a root beers.
Drive-thru Diva- Two root beers?
Me- No, just one root beers.
Drive-thru Diva- (after a lengthy pause) What size of root beer do you want?
Me- Larges.
Drive-thru Diva- Large?
Me- Yes, I want a large root beers.
Drive-thru Diva- you want onions on your hamburger?
Me- Yes, please put onions on my hamburgers.
Drive-thru Diva- (after another lengthy pause) You just wanted one hamburger right?
Me- Yes.
Drive-thru Diva- Okay. Do you need anything else?
Me- Hmmmm....How about a chocolate shakes?
Drive-thru Diva- A chocolate shake?
Me- No, make that vanillas.
Drive-thru Diva- A vanilla shake?
Me- Yeah, I want a vanilla shakes. Sorry for the confusions.
Drive-Thru Diva- (pauses again) Okay. A hambuger with onions, fries, a large root beer, and a vanilla shake...that will be $5.49 at the window.

After a few minutes in line I pull up to the window.

Cashier- That will be $5.49.
Me- Here ya goes. (I hand her a 10 dollar bill)
Cashier- Out of 10. Here's your change. (She gives me my due)
Me- Thank yous.

The cashier backs away from the window to let the bag boy take over.

Bag Boy- Did you order a Dr. Pepper?
Me- No, I ordered a root beers.
Bag Boy- Root beers?
Me- Yes, a root beers.
Bag Boy- (looks at something by the register) You had a large root beer..right?
Me- Yeah, that's what I wants.
Bag Boy- (looks at me funny) Do you need any ketchup or salt?
Me- Yeah, could I get some ketchups?
Bag Boy- (tosses a few ketchups in the bag)
Me- Oh, I just wanted one of thems.
Bag Boy- (looks at me funny again). Ok, sir. (hands me my bag of food and root beer and shake inside the drink holder) Thank you.
Me- Thank you toos.

I drive away laughing and hoping that nobody caught on to me so that my burger doesn't have special sauce added to it.


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Blogger masman21 said...

That quite possibly could be the most Super Trooper thing I've heard done in a while. However, would it not have been more entertaining with someone else in the car?

2:45 PM

Blogger charr said...

Yes, it would have been more fun with someone else there, but I probably wouldn't have been bored enough to think about it.

What the hell is up with the random bullshit anonymous advertisment poster?

9:20 PM

Blogger Jim B said...

That is hilarious. My only disappointment is that I have lived without it for six weeks. I thought you had given up blogging.

4:38 PM


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